Hi There,
My name is John Coleman. When I bought my first house over 20 years ago, I quickly learned that homeownership is way more expensive than I had ever imagined. First, there were the basic maintenance fixes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the financial means to call a professional to service every problem that occurred or perform every upgrade I envisioned. Thus, I had to resort to researching and performing DIY fixes to save money. Don’t get me wrong, there were some jobs that I felt should be addressed by a professional but many of the jobs I could DIY. I found that I really enjoyed doing the research and fixing things on my own. After over 20 years of performing home maintenance and improvement projects, I decided to launch Hardy Home DIY Solutions. I wanted to share the information I have gained from my own DIY experiences and research. My mission was simply to create a helpful resource that makes DIY home maintenance/improvement approachable, achievable, and as cost-efficient as possible. I hope you find this information helpful and I appreciate you taking time to visit.

– John Coleman

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